Aquarius weekly tarot december 3 2019

Aquarius Monthly Horoscope However, just think of the emotional credit you'll gain!

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At home, partners expect you to agree with them. A psychological reading of your chart, on the other hand, might advise you to have the courage to be child-like or just young-at-heart yourself. If you are far away you should therefore make yourself happy by creating as cosy a nest as possible.

Simmering resentments can be left until later in the year - or even next year - with a little luck! This is also, as it happens, an excellent moment for making deep, long-term emotional commitments - but only if you mean it! If you have any doubts, hold back.

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Maybe it's time to explore your entrepreneurial side—or switch from to independent contractor. If you can, schedule in a self-care day. Know what to do and what not for enjoying a good and hassle-free week with no unpredictable issues. This marks a few weeks where intimacy is on the front burner. Glamorous nights on the town will be food for your soul, as Jupiter sends you strutting down the cosmic catwalk all year. If you own a business, adopting sustainable practices could become part of your company's core ethos.

The point is that every penny is likely to be well-spent, and nothing should be wasted. For once, you seem to have your finger on the pulse, and those who criticise you do so at their peril! With regards to life in general, today doesn't carry the best auspices.

Aquarius Horoscope tomorrow October 9 12222

Love: Close. With regards to love, today carries some good auspices. Money: Close.

With regards to money aspects, today carries excellent auspices. Health: Close.

Today's Aquarius Horoscope - Wednesday, October 9, 12222

With regards to health aspects, today carries excellent auspices. Do's for Aquarius October 9 Don'ts for Aquarius October 9 You might also find that there is some type of major change happening in your family dynamic. This doesn't have to be a negative shift, but it is likely to be separative and more liberating on some level.


4 days ago Free weekly horoscope for Monday, October 7, , from Astrology King. Your Astrology King Capricorn. Aquarius Weekly Horoscope Aquarius. Pisces Weekly Horoscope Pisces Thursday October 3. am – Pluto. You can expect to be one of your busiest years yet in terms of social involvement, Aquarius. Until December 2 expansive Jupiter will continue to move .

Don't stress about it. Instead, know that something about your living situation has become stale and now all you're doing is correcting things. Because you just don't do very well with ruts.

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There's also going to be one last eclipse in a serious on January 21 in your partnership sector. This is a Lunar Eclipse, so if you found a shaky year in your relationship, it's possible that you and your mate will decide to say goodbye.

Don't assume this has to be an ending, though.