Scorpio january 30 astrology

True Meaning Of Zodiac Signs Changes are possible on all levels and you need to be ready and open to welcome them. Beware of waste or over indulgence in food, drink or emotion. You impress people with your charisma. Mood swings and sensitive moments need to be watched with awareness. Lucky number 2.

Zodiac Signs: Know All About Your Sun Signs

Colour red. Trust and go with the flow rather than swim against it as life is taking you where it has to. Plans and ideas actualize as your work is accepted and appreciated by people who matter.

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This is a time of movement, change and letting go for progress in every aspect. Lucky number 7. Colour blue. You make an impact in professional and business meetings.

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A Taurus person gives you timely advice. A journey by road is rejuvenating.

Scorpio Horoscope: Daily & Today |

A spiritual influence is rejuvenating. You are appreciated and supported by people who matter in the work area. Lucky number 5. Colour browns. Personal relationships may develop in a triangular manner and it is best to look at your priorities before responding to an overture. Focus on health in order to maintain energy levels. Avoid stress by taking one step at a time towards success and achievement. Lucky number 3. Colour pink.

You are ready to shatter old patterns and limitations that may have blocked you in the past. In doing so you will be amazed at the vitality and empowerment this breakthrough brings to your life and personality.

This is a good day to express your feelings and ideas. Lucky number You have an opportunity to share your love and joy with a beloved. Everything seems to be coming together in personal and professional aspects now, enjoy it, ground yourself in it and let the abundance in and around you overflow. Old friends pay a surprise visit. Make peace within and make a compromise in an ongoing conflict.

You need to become a participator rather than a watcher to get a taste of loving relationships and the richness of life. Focus on priorities or you miss an important event by wasting time in trivia. This creates ideal conditions for most of this year, to put plans into action and start new projects.

Increased personal power and influence will give you all the confidence you need to succeed with your goals. Aim high, because there should be little resistance to your plans.

What January's Scorpio Horoscope Means for You

You can even expect assistance from others, especially superiors. You can make a good impression in your career and your personal life. The one exception to the good run this year comes from January 30 to February 11, with Mercury retrograde. It would be better to hold off on any important decisions or negotiations. I there is something extra special you wish to undertake this year, then the next transit is the best time to do so.

This is nearly two whole months of extreme good fortune. You should be feeling optimistic and very satisfied with your lot. Opportunities should arise to increase your wealth, or expand your horizons through study and long distance travel. Jupiter opposite Neptune from September 5 to 29 offers you the chance to make good on your long-term hopes and dreams. Although this opposition can cause hesitation and confusion for some, you have the benefit of both planets making very helpful aspects to your decan.

Personal growth will come through acts of compassion and charity. Even acting selflessly now should not translate to sacrificing wealth or possessions.

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Helping others should bring many rewards. You have another good year coming up, with the final few months looking especially nice.

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This is a great year to transform your life, get ahead, and promote yourself. You should also find deeper meaning in all areas of life. Hidden talents and abilities can surface and be added to your tool kit, helping in the personal advancement which this transit brings. You will want to try new things, to have more fun and make more money.

The urge for personal or professional success should not be curbed, but channelled into fewer, rather than many projects. September heralds the beginning or a very prosperous end to the year.

Planetary Row

Combined with the power of Pluto, you should have endless determination and drive. It is hard to imagine your confidence and optimism being even higher, but this remarkable grouping of transits should do just that. More money, runs of good luck, travel and new studies are all possible now.

There are mixed offerings in store for you this year, but the overall influence is a positive one due to two helpful eclipse cycles. The first influence this year however, is Jupiter square your decan. This began in October , and continues until the 16th of January Because of retrograde motion, you will experience this transit again later in For this initial Jupiter square, your urge to have more and experience more should not cause too many difficulties.