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perunda.com/power-affirmation-millionaire-mindset-power-motivation-book.php Jupiter transits conjunct your Sun this year, expanding your opportunities and boosting your confidence. This transit brings more awareness of moral issues and long-term goals, as well as a stronger than usual desire to improve and learn. This is a feel-good transit that boosts your popularity. Optimism is with you, and you are able to attract fortunate circumstances into your life as a result. Problems are easier to resolve this year. You are more sociable and might meet especially helpful people during this period.

Travel opportunities are more likely.

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Your broader perspective on matters this year keeps you from getting lost in details or overly frustrated by everyday stresses and strains. The year ahead is strong for opening up communications with others, as you are more sensitive and willing to listen than usual. Getting your point across is easier.

You can effectively use words to soothe, heal, and teach or guide this year. You are also more open to new ways of looking at problems, making it easier to find solutions. This is an excellent year in which to advance projects revolving around communications — writing, speaking, selling, and so forth.

Your reputation may be enhanced through word of mouth. Making new contacts through learning and mental pursuits figures strongly as well.

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Your energy levels run high this year, but you should watch for hasty or impetuous behavior. This year is likely to be especially busy. You could be rather wilful and impassioned, and it would be best to channel excess energy into healthy physical outlets or into fabulous projects. If you suffer from frequent headaches, it is likely that you are not dealing with your own anger or desire to take the lead appropriately.

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This can be a year in which you are building faith and confidence in your personality, skills, and talents, however, and it can feel quite fabulous! Others might frequently turn to you for guidance. This is a time of new beginnings and a rebirth of sorts. The year ahead can be an especially creative, enterprising, forward-looking, and dynamic one. An important project might be wrapping up now. You are exploring new things, interests, places, and situations this year, and this suits you well!

There can be some disruptions in your social life as you explore new options.

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Share this Article Like this article? Recent tensions in the office may have left you feeling depressed. Therefore, start to simplify your life and focus on how to build solid foundations. Tension requires you to balance both. This is a mildly restless day; nevertheless, it's a feel-good day.

Ruled by Mercury. This is a year of discovery and freedom.


It's a time when exploration and reaching out to others brings opportunities. It's a good time to advertise, promote, and sell.

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Surprises are in store, and the routine is broken for the better. This is a year when exciting relationships can be formed; or, if you are already in a partnership, new life is breathed into the relationship. Advice - explore, look for adventure, keep your eyes open for opportunities, diversify, mingle. Ruled by Venus.

This is a year of relative contentment. It's a time when love is the easiest to attract, and partnerships formed under this vibration have a better chance for longevity.

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You are especially able to attract others--and material things as well--this year. What Color Matches Your Personality? Try The Quiz Now!!

Daily Horoscopes 12222

The horoscope predicts that your professional advancement prospects are not encouraging this month, but you are not one to give up easily hence you will push yourself and work a hundred times harder to achieve the success that you deserve. Test Now! The Leo horoscope reveals that just as your professional advancement does not look good, the same applies to your financial prospects.

Any gains anticipated from your investors will disappoint as they will not come through but towards the end of the month the favor of the stars will be on your side, and finances will start streaming in. As per the Leo December astrology, this would be a reasonably beneficial month for your educational pursuits since the stars are quite favorably disposed of.

Today's Leo Horoscope - Wednesday, October 9, 12222

Those going in for higher studies would not only find the right opportunities but would also go on to do very well in their chosen fields. Based on the Leo December horoscope , traveling this month will not have much gain. Hence, it is advisable to wait until the time when it is right and beneficial to undertake any traveling venture. Just look into Numerology horoscope. Zodiac Astrology Name: Date of Birth: January February March April May June July August September October November December 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20 21 22 23 24 25 26 27 28 29 30 31 Tags december leo.

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